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Notice: eNOI is no longer in use

eNOI is no longer being used as the system for applying for coverage under NPDES general permits. The Department’s new Alabama Environmental Permitting and Compliance System (AEPACS) will begin solely utilizing the (AEPACS) for facilities holding NPDES, State Indirect Discharge (SID)(aka Pretreatment), and Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits on November 15m 2021. AEPACS may be accessed at https://adem.alabama.gov/aepacs. AEPACS will allow you to submit permit applications/NOIs and compliance reports (DMR, SSO, etc) electronically. Therefore, the E2 Reporting System (eDMR/eSSO) as well as the eNOI permitting system will no longer be utilized for such submissions.

  • “About AEPACS” Web Pages: The Department will be posting announcements and helpful information about the AEPACS system related to the NPDES, SID, and UIC programs at http://adem.alabama.gov/egov/aepacsWater.cnt. Also, the Department has posted an “About AEPACS” webpage with general information about the AEPACS system at http://adem.alabama.gov/egov/AEPACS.cnt.
  • ADEM Web Portal: It is important to understand that while you have an AEPACS profile, your ADEM Web Portal account is where your user information is managed. All ADEM systems allowing external electronic submissions from regulated entities will eventually utilize the portal so that users may have a single sign-on to the systems they use. The ADEM Web Portal may be accessed directly at https://prd.adem.alabama.gov/awp and a user guide for the web portal is available at https://prd.adem.alabama.gov/awp/documents/AWPUsersGuide.pdf.
  • Help Desk: If you have any problems or questions about setting up your ADEM Web Portal Account or any issues with accessing or using AEPACs, please contact the ADEM Web Portal Help Desk at ademwebportal@adem.alabama.gov. During this initial transition, we expect the Help Desk to be extremely busy, so please understand that you may not receive an immediate response.
  • Notifications from AEPACS: The AEPACS system will automatically sent important notifications/reminders as emails. The emails will come from aepacs@adem.alabama.gov. Please make sure that this email address is added to the safe senders list for your email account, and if you are on a network, please make sure you ask the network administrator to add this email address to the network’s safe sender list or whitelist.