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The eNOI system is an electronic method for submitting an Notice of Intent (NOI) for coverage under a General NPDES Permit. This electronic system allows for the submittal of the NOI and other required documents.

Who should use eNOI?

The eNOI system is to be utilized by all persons seeking coverage under a General NPDES Permit.

User Benefits:

  • System will not allow an incomplete application to be submitted
  • User will receive an e-mail notification of payment for their records
  • User will receive an e-mail notification that the NOI has been submitted
  • User will receive an e-mail when Permit coverage has been granted
  • Reduced cost in application submittals
  • Timely issuance of General NPDES Permits

Ready to get started?

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If you already have an account, you can enter a new NOI, review previously submitted NOIs, and edit previously submitted NOIs by logging into the system.


August 13, 2021 is the last day that the ADEM Water Division will accept new submissions for Notices of Intent (NOI) for the NPDES General Permits remaining in eNOI. eNOI will remain available to revise existing submissions until mid-September 2021..

As of November 15, 2021, all Notices of Intent (NOI) for NPDES General Permits should be submitted through ADEM’s new Alabama Environmental Permitting and Compliance System – AEPACS. AEPACS will then be your interface with the Department for all aspects of permitting and compliance. You will be able to apply for coverages under General Permits, renew and manage coverage for General Permits, pay fees, and submit reports and certifications related to your facilities. AEPACS will be phased in throughout the Department in many programs over the next several years, as resources allow.

We appreciate your patience as we move through this transition period.

If you must submit an initial NOI for new coverage under a General NPDES Permit or a modification of existing coverage during the period of August 14-November 15, 2021, you may, for that limited timeframe, submit a hardcopy NOI. Hardcopy NOI’s received after November 15, 2021, will not be accepted.

NOTE: Permittees applying for reissuance of coverage under General NPDES Permits ALG160000 and ALG340000 are not eligible for submitting hard copy submissions. Given the timing of this transition, the Department has notified each permittee that for continued coverage under General NPDES Permit Number Nos. ALG160000 and ALG340000, the Department will consider any NOI submitted on or before December 14, 2021, as timely for continued coverage.

  • ADEM Fee Increase – February 4, 2016 Please be aware that there was a fee increase effective February 4, 2016. ADEM Admin. Code r. 335-1 has the fee schedules listed and the Division 1 General Administration Regulations can be accessed on ADEM’s webpage. Below is a link to the Division 1 Regulations: http://www.adem.state.al.us/alEnviroRegLaws/files/Division1.pdf The permit application fee for a General NPDES Permit is now $1,385.00. The permit modification application fee for a General NPDES Permit is $800.00.
  • For ALG850000 (for discharges from mining of sand and gravel. chert, dirt, and/or red clay), the current application fees are $5,820 (if no process water is proposed) or $6,860 (if wet preparation is proposed). Also, if the site has not previously been covered under an NPDES Permit, the additional Greenfield fee of $1,610 applies.
  • For ALR100000 (discharges associated with construction activities), a Greenfield site fee of $1,610 may be assessed if your facility is inspected and it was noted that the site was either being constructed or was in operation prior to a NPDES permit application being submitted to the Department.