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The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) is providing a web-enabled electronic drinking water reporting system (eDWRS) for drinking water facilities to streamline the management of monthly operational reports (MORs), consumer confidence reports (CCRs), and drinking water reports (DWRs) required under the Alabama drinking water regulation program.

The eDWRS provides drinking water facilities with a way to submit MOR, CCR, and DWR data and allow the ADEM to electronically validate the data, acknowledge receipt, and upload data to state's central drinking water database.

Implementing this new system will reach the goal of improving the management of data associated with the Department's drinking water monitoring program. The eDWRS will:

  • Save drinking water facilities compliance costs with a streamlined reporting method and readily available computer tools.
  • Save programmatic costs by reducing resources required for managing paper-based MOR, CCR, and DWR reports.
  • Improve the accuracy of compliance data by eliminating potential errors that will be otherwise introduced through manual data entry.
  • Improve the state drinking water programs' overall effectiveness while offering less process to the regulated community.

A participation package must be submitted by each water system in order to use eDWRS. This reporting system will be required by all public drinking water systems in the future. You may download a participation package from the following links:

Complete Package
eDWR Form 1 for the Water System
eDWR Form 1A for the Lab
eDWR Form 2 for each Water System or Laboratory Certifier

Additional system resources are also available for download below:

eDWRS User Guide